Using information to make better places for humans.

I’m Andrew. I lead teams and consult with organizations on how to make products and services more successful, through human-centered architecture & design.

My current role is Senior Digital Experience Architect at State Farm.

Previously, I had a tour of duty with the strategic information architects at TUG, the investment firm Vanguard, and several agencies. Over the last 20 years, most of my work has been with large enterprises. For more background, see LinkedIn.

Book / I’m the author Understanding Context, about how people make sense of their environment, and what that means for human-centered design.

Blog / I keep a personal blog here, with posts sometimes design-related, and sometimes not. (I previously kept a blog at, now retired after a long hiatus.)

Twitter / My brain’s pressure-release valve is  @inkblurt. Tweets are mine alone, and not always “dressed for the workplace.” It’s a mess. But it’s my mess.