An IA Commonplace Book

I finally finished putting together all the quotations I have collected over the last few years, plus the ones sent in to me from a request on the sig-ia mailing list a couple of months ago. They are now posted at IAwiki: IACommonplaceBook.

A Commonplace Book is an old idea that deserves remembering; a single place where we keep bits and pieces of language, knowledge, ideas that we run across. A kind of precursor to the weblog, where as we read and listen to others, we pick up chunks of knowledge, blurbs, truisms, memes, that we in one way or another want to keep with us. So we write them down in a book. This is the beginnings of a such a book, collectively, for the IAwiki community.

Author: Andrew Hinton

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One thought on “An IA Commonplace Book”

  1. cheers Andrew

    back* to check this out

    it sounds like a brilliant idea
    and a |real| useful resource

    * was just in IAwiki a minute ago 🙂

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