One tiny URL closer to fame

I got a brief mention in OJR article: Understanding Information Architecture over at the Online Journalism Review. Much of the article is slightly offbase, the way it feels when you read toy-assembly instructions translated from Korean. But it’s nice for IA just to be getting talked about at such thorough length. Props to Rusty for making the effort.

(edit: this article disappeared but then reappeared at some other spot here:

Author: Andrew Hinton

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2 thoughts on “One tiny URL closer to fame”

  1. I especially like number 11.
    There is already too much information for us to comprehend easily. And each day there will only be more of it, not less. Inexorably, information drowns in its own mass. It needs to breathe, and the air it needs is relevance.
    I think this speaks to the *goal* of what an information space is going to accomplish, i.e., don’t just throw information on the wall in hopes that it is relevant to its users. Make sure of its usefulness by defining the damn thing.

    Good job Drew :o)

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