At my company, we design our own business cards. I ran out of mine, and so it was time to make more… i made a new one using a painting I discovered, Kandinsky’s “Etages” (“Storeys”).
I think it’s fabulous as a kind of mandala for IA. It’s sort of of obvious once you see it. At least to me. What do you think?

kandinsky storeys pic250k.

Author: Andrew Hinton

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5 thoughts on “Storeys”

  1. mmmm Kandinsky. His paintings dance, don’t you think? We have 2 prints at home that we are rather fond of; they have so much going on in them and yet are never limited to what we think they might be saying at the moment. So yes, I agree, perfect for IA, (not that I know anything about IA).

  2. Thanks steph!! I knew nothing of Kandinsky til I saw Donald Sutherland’s character ooze about him in the movie of “6 Degrees of Separation”… hooked ever since.
    This one seems to me to be very much about structure and organics. I dig it. It’s not visually my favorite of his, but it fit my purposes (so I essentially cannibalized it for my business card… isn’t that awful? I kinda feel guilty about it… seems like the kind of thing a philistine Wall Street type would do with a painting. And I don’t make enough money to be that way, by a long shot!)

  3. Cannibalized?? Hmm. Yes and no. . .Well, art feeds us so it’s not unusual to “consume” it. (Besides, Kandinsky isn’t alive and so it’s not like you are stealing a living from him!) And maybe in some way you are helping keep him alive through sharing his work through your work. Perhaps that’s too optimistic. . . but I am sort of a believer that once we put something out in public space. . . it’s no longer ours. Just like language. 😛

  4. Well, I didn’t show the one that I pasted my company’s logo onto, and added “information architecture” in old-fashioned fonts … that’s the one i cannibalized. 🙂 But, hey, I’ll do the unrepentant social-constructivist thing and agree with you… once it’s out there, it’s not yours anymore anyway. Especially if you’re *dead*!!
    Kandinsky, sorry pal.

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