You say Astarte, I say Ostara.

It’s always fun to get a little perspective on whatever the holiday du jour might be. Of course, today is Good Friday, but it’s all leading up to that weird day when rabbits lay eggs and Episcopalians can finally say Alleluia in church again. So here’s some fun facts on The Pagan origins of Easter . I’m gonna go dye some Grade A Large White.

Edited to Add on 7/19/05: Evidently the etymology of “Easter” is more complicated than what I assumed (see Wikipedia on Easter)

Author: Andrew Hinton

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One thought on “You say Astarte, I say Ostara.”

  1. And here’s the kicker – because paganism is nature-based, the timing of seasons (and therefore the timing of sabbats) differs depending on where in the world you are. In the southern hemisphere many pagans aren’t celebrating Ostara at all – it’s Samhain (a.k.a. Halloween) down here. Of course, even though it’s six months to Easter, I’ll still accept those chocolate eggs… 😉

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