The Harrow

I haven’t sent out any work in years. Even though during grad school I managed to publish in a number of decent journals, I grew weary of the process, and too anxious about writing to write.

I ended up with a backlog of work that I’d never sent anywhere, and here I am six years later, finally trying out a few submissions.

I ran across this very cool online journal, with a fabulous name, and an unexpectedly elegant layout and look. It’s an online journal of dark-fabulist work, both poetry and fiction, called The Harrow. I sent them a little imagistic thing I wrote long ago, but that I’ve often though of when it rains, or when I have to kill more of the freaking little black ants that infest our house and yard. Anyway, it’s not really about those things. It’s short, and kinda haiku-ish, kinda macabre: Four Pauses.

Author: Andrew Hinton

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