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My original post is below. The link no longer takes you to the site I referenced back in 2003, but you can still see the glorious prehistoric black-background web experience via the magical “Wayback Machine” archive here via the Wayback Machine.


Growing up, I was an avid reader of Omni Magazine.
I lost touch with it after high school, and I heard they’d tried doing their thing online, but then it had kind of died on the vine.
And I ran across the site today…how weird, that it’s still sitting there. A ghost town.
The design is so perfect for mid-to-late 90s ‘cool’ website design. Lots of 3D shapes floating in black space.
I wonder if anybody still tries entering the “Deconstructing the Titanic Sweepstakes” there?

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154 thoughts on “Omni Magazine Shrine”

  1. Hello Jakie Stuart,

    I would be very interested in your husband’s OMNI collection. Do you have an e-mail address I could reach you at? Thanks!!! Susan-Lexington, KY

  2. I am looking for a tiny article that was in the Omni magazine in the 80’s…

    It was on the subject of a shadow illusion that effected on the Great Pyramid around Egypts springtime (and marked the rising of the waters of the nile
    – it also had a tiny picture of the illusion on the pyramid (that only lasted for less than a minute)

    I would very much appreciate anyone who could send me the text of the article or the article itself (pretty please nicely)
    I used to really like the omni mag and miss it.
    Al the very best to all

  3. My husband loved the covers of the Omni magazines and collected quite a few. However we are moving and are unable to house them. Anyone out there interested in purchasing his collection? lf interested let me know and I’ll be happy to let you know what issues he has available.

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