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My original post is below. The link no longer takes you to the site I referenced back in 2003, but you can still see the glorious prehistoric black-background web experience via the magical “Wayback Machine” archive here via the Wayback Machine.


Growing up, I was an avid reader of Omni Magazine.
I lost touch with it after high school, and I heard they’d tried doing their thing online, but then it had kind of died on the vine.
And I ran across the site today…how weird, that it’s still sitting there. A ghost town.
The design is so perfect for mid-to-late 90s ‘cool’ website design. Lots of 3D shapes floating in black space.
I wonder if anybody still tries entering the “Deconstructing the Titanic Sweepstakes” there?

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154 thoughts on “Omni Magazine Shrine”

  1. Does anybody have the Omni that has a “science fiction” version of Twas the night before Christmas poem? I have been trying to find a copy for years. I memorized this poem for class, but after all these years I cannot remember much more than the fact it was hilarious.

    email me at if you have this.


  2. I too enjoyed Omni. I too have a stack of issues that I can’t bear to throw away but don’t have the time it would take to go thru them. If anyone is interested in them please let me know. I’m not even looking to make a lot of money on these, I just would like to see them find a good home! I have: 79–Aug, Oct, Nov and Dec
    82–entire year except May Sept Nov
    83–all but Dec
    84–Aug thru Dec
    85–Jan thru April
    These magazines are in practically new condition. The covers are all attached and are hardly worn at atll You can email me at

  3. I loved Omin. They had some of the best sci-fi and fantasy art ever. The stories and articles were also interesting and even educational. I learned what quarks are and that I was right that UFO people are in one of two catagories. Those that soak up all the UFO crap literatue and those that get rich off their gullibility. Lol!!

  4. I have enjoyed reading all your posts. I too enjoyed Omni Magazine. Does anyone remember when it was only a couple of pages at the back of Penthouse? There were other spinn off publications also; Games and Penthouse comics and Longevity.

    I have all of you trumped though. I actually knew Bob and Kathy (Keaton)Guccioni and spent a lot of time in their New York home. Kathy was the real driving force behind Longevity and Omni.

    Unfortunately she passed away about 8 years ago and now Bob has gone into seclusion.

    They were really wonderful people and good friends.

  5. Matt on Blog Number 94
    Sorry that you might not have found the “Grid Lock” article by Christmas 06.
    I will have a look through my old copies to try and find what you want. I will keep you posted. Hey if you leave your Email address I can scan the article and emial it to you.

  6. Wow, this wiki might just be the answer to my dilemma! I remember reading a short story or novella in Omni that left such a huge impression, I’m still thinking about it decades later. It was about a man from contemporary time (the 1980s) who was accidentally placed in an anesthetic coma, only to awaken centuries later. In this new time, the world was being overrun by less than average people (read “stupid”), and he helped the remaining intelligencia come up with a plan to restore the balance between the smart and not so smart–they convinced people they were going on a ship ride to Mars, and then incinerated them.

    If this story rings a bell with any of you other Omni fans, and you can tell me either the title or author, I would be SO appreciative!

    Thanks, and long live the Omni wiki!

  7. I have been trying to remember the title of an Omni story from the 80’s in which people record experiences on rings and sell the rings so others can relive the experience. The main problem was that once they recorded the experience on the ring, it was erased from their memories. This eventually caused the main character to be killed because he forgot he’d done something to make a guy want to kill him.


  8. Like so many others Iisted, when I talk of OMNI no one knows of that wonderful magazine. I have almost the complete collection and after numerous moves I am now tired of having to find room for my collection of thousands of magazines.Omni being, sadly, among those to go. I would prefer to sell as a whole and not to seperate. I am open to offers.

  9. I’m pretty sure the story about the traffic tie-up was called “The Great Moveway Jam.” It may have been in the same issue with “Unaccompanied Sonata,” “Down and Out on Ellfive Prime,” and one other I don’t remember, but maybe I’m making that up. That issue came out fairly early on, some time in ’79 I think. I remember reading all four stories on the floor of the bathroom in my grandparents’ house in Florida, so I wouldn’t keep anyone awake.

    I actually maintain a collection which includes all but about two issues from the late 80s or so. Right up until the end. Can’t bear to part with them. Of course, if someone is interested in the set, drop me a line at qulatan at Ha ha, before I finally dump my Compuserve account–I really am old school 😉

  10. I found the Omni issue with the Norman Spinrad Last Word article regarding the attack of the Giant Flying Vampire Toads. June 1980. There were two copies on Ebay, one left still.

  11. It’s very nice to see that readers still remember OMNI. It was a wonderful magazine and webzine and I had a terrific time editing the fiction for 17 years.
    I can answer some of the questions above but since most were asked years ago, there doesn’t seem any point unless the askers are still around…

  12. There was a short story that I believe was published in Omni, must have been near the beginning as I only read it into the early 80s. The story was about a man (scientist?) who invented a room that he thought could attract ‘Death’ so he could literally catch death. As I recall, he did catch a ‘death’ creature, with the story ending with him clutching the creature and no one going to die as long as he did. Does anyone remember this story? I cannot say for sure it was Omni, but I believe so. Thanks

  13. It’s fascinating that people still remember Omni, and that this thread is still getting readers. If anyone has issues they want to get rid of (I’ll pay postage), let me know at Thanks. Jeff

  14. John,
    I remember that story-I believe it was published just about when I started and it was “A Cage for Death” by Ian Watson (January 1981)

  15. Response to comment #75: I believe the story was “Unaccompanied Sonata” by Orson Scott-Card, published in Omni in March 1979. And I agree that it was an outstanding piece of fiction.

  16. Hi all,
    it’s amazing that there are still people talking about OMNI. I still have some old copies including a couple of specials. There is one special missing though – same old story – lent to someone and mever returned. I remember a story in it which was about a man and woman (old I think) who decided to stay in bed all the time and that became their whole world. I’m not sure exactly how it went now but I think they drifted off into some sort of permanent waking dream and stayed there forever. It was one of those stories that can really touch you.Does anyone know the name of the story, author or issue? I don’t think there will ever be another mag quite like OMNI. It was pure genius.

  17. Hi all,
    it’s amazing that there are still people talking about OMNI. I don’t think there will ever be another mag quite like OMNI. It was pure genius.
    I still have some old copies including a couple of specials. There is one special missing though, (anniversary, I think) – same old story – lent to someone and mever returned. I remember a story in it which was about a man and woman (old I think) who decided to stay in bed all the time and that became their whole world. I’m not sure exactly how it went now but I think they drifted off into some sort of permanent waking dream and stayed there forever. It was one of those stories that can really touch you. Does anyone know the name of the story, author or issue? I’d love to find it again.

  18. That’s “Rent Control” by Walter Tevis, published in October 1979. Except the couple wasn’t old. They basically lost their minds.

  19. I have some magazines I found in a box at home. I’m waiting to give them a good home. I most have some from the late 80s. Let me know if you want to see pictures and interested in them. Contact me soon before they go somewhere not appreciated.
    jerry_villa AT hotmail .com

  20. Anyone know if there’s a compilation of the games section of OMNI or an e-mail link to the games? That may have been the most interesting part of the magazine, from an intellectual mentally challenging aspect.

  21. Just came accross this website surfing my favorites. I pulled out my wallet & saw that I still have the two little articles I saved from OMNI Magazine back in the 70’s I think. The first one starts with CHUCKLE: Despite all of our accomplishments, man owes his existence to a 6-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.
    The second one states:
    In orbiting the sun, the earth departs from a straight line by only one-ninth of an inch every 18 miles–a very straight line in human terms. If the orbit changed by one-tenth of an inch every 18 miles, our orbit would be vastly larger and we would all freeze to death. One eighth of an inch? We would all be incinerated.
    These are coppied word for word to you. Been carrying them around for around forty ears. I use them for shock purposes whenever we are trying to solve the world’s problems. It’s enough to make you believe in God. I miss Omni Magazine. Here’s a problem to solve. Why does good stuff go away and disapear and crap stays? It’s a mystery. I miss The Far Side. I miss Ren & Stempy. Hell, I miss Roswell. That’s my 2 cents. Hope I didn’t miss anything doing my own spellchecking. Vote for Pedro. Wish I could print this.

  22. I grew up as a child in the 70’s Omni magizine made me so intrested in science and space. The mysteries of life evolving.
    It was a catalyst in my making. And it stories have never been forgetten in my childs eye. Though I cant remember when I seen it last. The alien worlds the artistic views. Made me so intrested in the feilds technology. I could have never of accomplished my life dreams without it.

  23. Omni was one of the very first magazines I ever purchased a subscription for. At one time I had several years worth, from the very first issue onward. I can’t recall for sure now, but I think it was either four or five years in all. Unfortunately all were lost to water damage when my roof sprung a leak during a particularly violent series of thunderstorms many years ago.

    If more magazines today were like Omni was then the world would be a far, far better place.

  24. Anyone know if old issues of Omni are worth anything anymore? I used to be a *huge* fun myself, and still have about 20 of the early issues (in “okay” condition). I’ve been cleaning out the apartment, but would hate to throw away something that’s valuable. (Myself, I was in it for the SF…loved the fiction pieces…) Thanks (feel free to email me if you know anything re: the Omni market…)

  25. I, too, am seeking info/a copy of the Manic-Depressive Tours cartoon/ the issue that contains it. I was a fan of the mag- and had almost all of them until my house burned down. Thanks. (that’s letter o, #2)

  26. Onmi miss it too I looked forward to every issue I love science fiction( my only retreat from insanity) I have searched in vain for a short storie that was written in the early eighties about a retired space engineer who dabled in holograms and installed a set of holographic lights on a sports car then raced the car with a school bus that he had modified with a old town clock spring that wrapped atound the driveshaft that catapulted it to rediculous speeds I think it may have been titled “big spring” as there were several references to it in the story itself. Does anyone remeber this story?
    Thanks in advance

  27. Like Ellen Datlow, I’m a former staffer who’s pleased to see that so many remember OMNI so fondly. I was an editor for the print magazine, overseeing Continuum as well as other columns and features, and I ran the OMNI Magazine Online area on AOL from 1993 (when we launched) through 1996. If there are any former OMNI AOL volunteers out there, please drop me a line:

  28. I was looking over some old trade magazines when I found a story about bio-molecular computers ( today. That in turn reminded me of the short story, Johnny Mnemonic that I read in Omni all those years ago. I’ve been a William Gibson fan ever since. Two big disappointments that stand out in an otherwise pretty fun life are the disappointment of seeing the Johnny Mnemonic story completely car-crashed by Robert Longo in the 1995 film version of the story and the sad demise of Omni, which was THE most inspirational periodical publication of my generation IMHO.

    OMNI -RIP ~sad!~

  29. Is The Great Moveway Jam to be found in any of the Omni anthology books? Perhaps Ellen or Erin could answer this for me. I know Ellen is listed as the editor for all the anthologies.

  30. I have 65 back issues in excellent shape that I am ready to sell. There are 3 anniversary issues(October 79,80,86) Anyone interested post your request here & I will respond

  31. Does anyone have any OMNI magazines containing anything by or about Bob Shaw? From another website it seems he was in issue no. 24 in September 1980 so if anyone has this and is willing to sell to me, please let me know. Thanks.

  32. Linda, I have that magazine that you are talking about I believe. It is the September 1980 Issue, and he talks about ‘In the Hereafter Hilton.’ Not sure if you will ever see this again though. Could reach me at if interested, I have many magazines from OMNI (If anyone else is interested as well.)

  33. I have a number of Omnis Oct ’82, Aug ’86, then most from May ’87 through January ’90. They are in varying condition – some worn covers, some very good, none mint.

    They would love to go to a good home for a nominal price plus shipping at cost. If you’re interested, please contact me at hanfuzzy(at) I’m not an online seller, so it’s not worth my time to create any kind of auction or anything – they’ll go to the first person interested.

  34. Wow its great to see that Omni is well remembered!! As a pre teen and teen in the eighties, Omni was my first exposure to hard core science fiction. Its probably one of the major reasons that i still enjoy a good sci fi novel to this day. Is there any place to get the anthologies? Please let me know. Omni, you have and will continue to be sorely missed.

  35. Ever since I read the article on dream control I have been looking for the rest of the issues. It sux that Omni is gone, It is the only mag Ive been able to actually get into.

  36. I still have one of the last issues of OMNI published in the UK. A great magazine, sadly missed

  37. I have the first issue of OMNI plus a stack of others. I always wondered if they were worth anything more than sentimental artifacts. I remember I would read them from cover to cover every word, they were a nice step up from comics for my thirsty brain.

  38. Does anyone remember this issue of Omni from the early 90’s (I’m think 91 or 92) that was like a ‘theme’ issue, about America being this dystopic shithole with these vivid hellish descriptions of life in a large american city. There were references to young teens getting pregnant, violent assaults, and pollution. Or it might have just been one article.. Please let me know that I’m not insane and I actually read this.

  39. Hi Everyone,
    I still have a pile of OMNI mags in a container in the garage. Best mag ever. If they ressurected it in the same vein as before, I’ll definitely buy.

  40. Was it Omni magazine that asked people who claimed were abducted by aliens to send in their photos? Then Omni received 100s of photos from around the globe that were almost exactly alike. I’m almost positive it was Omni. Please respond if you know anything about that.

  41. I loved Omni, one of the best periodicals I ever subscribed to. There was in one of the early issues some art that was mesmerizing, but cannot remember the artist. What I remember of it, there is a woman in 19th century blouse and skirt, sans head. There is a grey, featureless alien to the right of the picture and some playing tumbing from the woman’s hand. In the background is a stark western landscape. If anyone knows the name of this artist, please post.


  42. I have a complete set of omni mags that my husband collected he died in 2008 and I thought somebody might be interested in them please advise soonest as clearing house.

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