Do I still do this?

Peter Van Dijck’s new book arrived today. And it’s a handsome, nicely produced volume. I’m proud to have a case study in there! For more info see: information architecture for designers – the site for the book.

But looking at this reminded me the challenges I faced on the job described, several years ago now. And, I wondered…do I still do this work? Does anybody care about how the human interactions in their organizations can be healed and evolved through careful architecture of information environments?
SRC was the first and last client to both ‘get’ it and to understand how it would help them, and then go so far as to make the necessary bits take place fully enough to see great results. Others have axed major parts of the architectures we propose in order to save time or not piss somebody off, then they end up with a very mediocre solution that only barely gets them by.
And that hasn’t changed.
But, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Author: Andrew Hinton

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