Information shelter: architecture and IA

This is an excellent article:
Boxes and Arrows: We Are All Connected: The Path from Architecture to Information Architecture

I’m still intrigued by the connection, and it’s always been the best way for me to describe what I do to people.

Until I try describing it to architects, or those who are very familiar with architects… who usually say “you don’t wanna call yourself an architect, you’ll give yourself a bad name” (grin). But if you ignore the high-style version of architecture, buildings as relatively useless sculpture, and get back to basics, as this article discusses somewhat, there are powerful parallels… I mean, it really *is* architecture, but the way it *should* be, in my oh-so-humble opinion.

Thanks to B&A for this and the other excellent articles they’ve published recently.

(Ok, does my plug get me some more time on the book review I was supposed to do???)

Author: Andrew Hinton

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