I've been Googled?

If you search for Omni Magazine using Google Search: omni magazine … you will discover that it will list my blog as the second major link. Is that amazing or what? Just because I had a link to it, and a blog entry about it, people who started looking for it on Google ended up finding my blog. How weird. Very.
I still remember so vividly the illustrations… especially the ones depicting Dune. Even before I ever read the books… the visuals were stunning.
Anyway, yeah…I was an Omni geek. So I feel kind of weirdly honored this is happening.

Author: Andrew Hinton

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One thought on “I've been Googled?”

  1. I just found your site searching for Omni. In particular I was searching for an article that I remember reading as a kid about people who drilled holes in their heads (trepanation). It was bizarre and kind of freaked me out. Remember that one?

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