Goodbye Mr. Gray – Spalding Gray found dead – Mar 8, 2004

I discovered Spalding Gray’s wit when I first saw Swimming to Cambodia in the theater in… wow, it must’ve been 1987 or so? I saw it with my girlfriend, who later became my wife. We were both confused at first in the film, then amazed that one guy sitting at a table with almost no props could keep us enthralled for about 2 hours.

Later we got to see him live in Louisville, KY, doing his Monster in a Box bit.

I wonder what went on with him after his accident in Ireland in 2001? I wonder too if the 9/11 situation affected him much, in concert with whatever else he was experiencing… I think the emotional fallout from 9/11 is much more significant than anyone wants to admit.

Anyway, a great artist, terrific writer and performer. Sad to see him go.

Author: Andrew Hinton

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