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Charlie Fink’s Quote of the Week – Quotes by Andrew Hinton

Ok… I wrote this thing called the Information Architecture Manifesto a while back. And I did a little ego surfing and discovered that part of it is quoted online, in this thing called “quoteorama.” But it’s quoted very very wrong.

See, when I first wrote the Manifesto, it got noticed by a bunch of other web heads out there, other info-architects, etc. Some loved it, and many slammed it. Because, after all, we are a snarky lot, and snarking is what we do. (example: here) (Clay Shirky, whom I dig generally, called it “dorky” …heh…)

Among the snarking, Matt Jones pointed out that the theses may not be all that helpful because they could be about anything, like if you substituted the word “porn” for the word “information.”

Hence, the twisted version that shows up in the esteemed Quotorama.

I did write the archive’s owner and asked if he’d change it. I haven’t heard back. But, you know, I’d really really hate to end up being quoted in something down the road and end up being famous for pontificating on the relevance of porn.

I did some searching on the quotation and it has definitely made the rounds… how odd. I had no idea. Luckily it’s almost always quoted correctly.

here; here; here; here; here; here; here; and here

I’m thinking of writing something up about “The 25 Theses… do I still believe this sh*t?”

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