Upgrading MT: Comments are Back!

I upgraded Movable Type to their stellar new version, and reactivated comments, now that the engine enables me to review them before they post. (It also has a nifty feature that allows anyone who’s registered at TypeKey.)

Read all about the lovely new engine here:
Movable Type Publishing Platform

Installation isn’t for the novice, however. If you just want to crank up a blog without having to worry about cgi scripts and web hosting, try the excellent TypePad a Movable Type spinoff. Or the venerable (and gloriously now-owned-by Google) Blogger

Author: Andrew Hinton

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One thought on “Upgrading MT: Comments are Back!”

  1. Wow!
    Good looking site Drew. Glad to see you back with comments. Hope the spam doesn’t become a problem for you?

    You should give, or have given, WordPress (wordpress.org) a look. Very user friendly and no long rebuilds! Very clean and well formatted code too. And did I mention lots of plugins as well as comment-spam moderation? Perhaps a link to them in your weblog tools list is appropriate?

    Hope the new job is still great!?

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