Driving with our eyes closed

The New Yorker

Yet another example of incompetence in Iraq. For ideological reasons, we disenfranchised the majority of people who formed the fabric of the country — professionals and experts and leaders who happened to be Baathist only because that’s what you had to do in order to survive. No gray areas in the mind of this administration, resulting in binary logic like this.

Here’s a question I wish more people would ask: Why didn’t we take some of the billions we’re paying federal contractors and put some of these Iraqis to work rebuilding their country, rather than just ousting them and leaving their idle hands to make devil’s workshops?

Author: Andrew Hinton

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One thought on “Driving with our eyes closed”

  1. It’s all about leverage. If the US does all the rebuilding then we will have more control over the region/energy. Anyway according to Halliburton no one else is qualified, way to go Cheney!

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