An Open Letter to U2

It’s like this. U2 has made some great music, even in the last 15 years or so. But honestly, they stopped being a rock and roll band when they cancelled a chunk of their Zooropa tour because their GIANT SCREEN TV BROKE.

I’m glad somebody is posting their opinion like on the link above, though… because really, based on the sort of persona the U2 members have cultivated over the years, you’d think they would care. (I seriously doubt Radiohead would put up with this stuff, for example.)

But U2 hasn’t really been four guys in a band in quite a while. It’s been a major media force, a corporation, for years.

You’d like to think, though, wouldn’t you… that they’d not let things like “picking the pretty people from the line for the DVD taping” happen. That’s just awful.

Author: Andrew Hinton

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