I’ve been trying to tweak my weblog to make use of all the various meta resources that seem to be cropping up like chickweed. And I have a confession to make … I’m sick of it.
I know that in order to be a part of the true enlightened blogigarchy, I should have RSS feeds in every conceivable format running smoothly on all cylinders.
But even after several hours last week, I was unable to figure out what the heck Technorati actually does with tags and how it finds them. Apparently if you just post something using WordPress and use categories, the categories should automatically end up as Technorati-compatible tags. But according to Technorati, it gets these from your “Atom” RSS feed. Evidently I actually publish one of these, but when I look at it, I don’t see my categories showing up in the format Technorati specifies.
That’s just one example.
Then it occurred to me that I was burning hours just trying to be sure that I was contributing correctly to some kind of grand schema, when all I really wanted to do was write and push “Publish” and be DONE with it.
Honestly, I don’t give a flying fubar about thorough and relentless meta-tagging of all of my content. I realize that it’s the greatest thing since giving blood to the Red Cross, and that I’d be truly revolutionized if I had everything running through, and if I could only be a fully engaged denizen in the groundswell that is folksonomy.
But maybe I’m too lazy. I want the web to just work.
Or maybe I’m just in a crummy mood today?
Likely it’s some of each.

Technorati Tag: 😉

Edited to Add:
Later, I decided to change this post to “Metafatigue” … it started out as “metaexhaustion” which is too much of a mouthful. Then I posted a new post about it and watched Technorati and sure enough it came up there. This is fun. (6/23/05)

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  1. I think I have seen some ref links from technorati before, and I don’t do anything beyond the basic WP setup, so maybe it’ll pick you up too, eventually.

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