Verizon may be the devil.

“You are being forwarded to an automatic voice mailbox system. ….. The mailbox for ‘Customer Inquiries’ is full….”

That’s what I got when I finally managed to find a phone number on Verizon’s website, and was transferred to a different number (because I found the wrong number after all).

I was calling because I wanted to try the new fiberoptic service. Supposedly my building is hooked up to it, according to my landlord. And Verizon is sending a big cardboard flyer to my mailbox weekly extolling its virtues.

Because it might actually be cheaper for me to use that rather than pay for both a phone line I don’t use and the DSL service, I was wanting to see if I could go that way.

I checked the website, but *it* tells me that, according to my address and phone number, it’s not available at my building. (So why are you sending me the &*$^@* FLYERS??!?)

So I go looking for a customer support number. There’s not one on the fiberoptic (FiOS) area of the site, that I can see (stupid, if they really want people to buy it). What I do manage to find, though, is Verizon – Contact Telephone Numbers – Pennsylvania, which gives me phone numbers based on which company *used to* run my phone utility in my area. Since I only moved to my area 6 months ago, I am not privy to this bit of neighborhood lore. I have NO IDEA if it used to be Bell Atlantic or GTE.

Anyway, I try both… the first option gets nothing. Not even a ring. Just silence.

The second option got me to the situation above… and then to a “full mailbox” ….. ARGH!!!

I will not even get started as to how horribly broken their website is.

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One thought on “Verizon may be the devil.”

  1. I switched to Cavalier. I figured if I’m going to pay for bad service, it better atleast cost less (which it does.) Cavalier has a screwy voicemail system but my DSL & phone service is way cheap compared to other companies! And atleast, unlike, MCI, the phone reps speak good English and are not child labor. Now if only Verizon didn’t have the most reliable cellphone service, I could cut the cord altogether!

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