HBO: Six Feet Under – Obituary

HBO: Six Feet Under – Obituary

The last episode was one of the most heartbreaking and tender things I’ve ever seen.

Here, HBO has actual obituaries … well, don’t go looking if you haven’t seen the episode yet. But when I ran across them just now, I gasped.

It’s miraculous, when you can feel so close to fictional characters. I’m not a sap for stuff like this, really. But Alan Ball is a bloody genius.

No, more than that. It’s not just intelligence that made this show work. It was courage to map the real contours of human hearts.

Bah. That sounds cheesy. But I don’t care.

If you’re a freaky stalker type, you can take a trip to the actual address of Fisher & Sons, at least according to the obituary from a few weeks ago.

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One thought on “HBO: Six Feet Under – Obituary”

  1. Thanks for posting this.

    I loved the final 15 minutes of the final episode. I’m amazed at the ages of the characters. I always thought they were older than me. I was born in 1970, so I think that is one of the reasons that the episode has moved me so much.

    I’m glad Clare lived to be 102! And I love that she married Ted. He was one of my favorite characters.

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