More Intel on the Roswell Castle House

Roswell castle house

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A friend sent me a link to some info about the house that’s almost as much fun as the house itself. The page on the DuPont Castle website (which has lots of info on other American castles, it seems) has a picture of the house along with tons of emails with various wildly differing stories about the house and its history.
There are some bits of information that sound more accurate than others.
It’s located on the corner of Cagle Rd and Hwy 140 in Roswell, GA.
I looked it up in Google Earth, and lo and behold, found it. Here’s a snapshot from Google Earth (links to the bigger version in my flickr stream).
From the overhead picture, it’s now clear that yes, indeed, there is a real swimming-pool moat around the whole structure.

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3 thoughts on “More Intel on the Roswell Castle House”

  1. It is funny reading these things because this is my aunt and uncle’s castle. There are many rumors surrounding this castle, but it is still the original owners that live in it. My uncle built this for my aunt. It is completely made from marble! No screws, no wood. And yes, there is a mote that connects to a pool in the back, and the draw-bridges are garage doors. It is one story. He was going to build a second floor, but once finishing the stairs leading up, he decided to stop building. So yes, the stairs stop at the ceiling. They are amazing people and they like their privacy. They actually got quit mad when they found out there were pictures on the internet haha.

  2. Haha funny that they get mad but they build a house on a corner lot (instead of the middle of a huge lot maybe surrounded by trees). They have NO landscaping to help prevent onlookers. It seems to me they enjoy the attention. Especially since a separate pull over area has been added for people to stop. If you don’t like the attention build a wall fit for a castle. And by the way is this a castle or the top from my bounce house?

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