Dark Chocolate is the new red wine

A while back, the big deal was that red wine was suddenly great for you. While the hype was a little overblown, it turns out it was quite true, much to the happiness of those of us who enjoy red wine. (Especially Merlot, in spite of what that character in “Sideways” thinks.)

Well now dark chocolate is getting the same kind of hype. For a long time I’ve preferred dark chocolate to milk or other stuff — and now anything but 70% dark tastes awfully sweet and milky to me. Evidently companies like Hershey and Dove are now pushing their dark chocolates (fancier and more isoflavone-packed versions of them too) because increasing publicity of the health benefits are making it the latest medically sanctified indulgence.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I’d care if it was as bad for me as tobacco, I’d still have to eat the stuff.

While I used to be a big Ghirardelli fan, I’m now more partial to Lindt and especially the utterly perfect carnal tongue-gasm known as Scharffen-Berger. So, if you’re looking for something delicious for the holidays — or if you’re wondering what to get me for Xmas — look no further …

Scharffen-Berger Obsession

Author: Andrew Hinton

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2 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate is the new red wine”

  1. Dark chocolate as a BP regulator? Have you tried Yamate sugar free?

    If I’m running low, like 102/ 55, I eat a little dark chocolate, which makes the pressure rise. The trick is figuring out how much chocolate to take.

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