Space 1999 as design showcase

I ran across a link to The World Of Kane today, and it’s really cool. Lots of design examples from the 60s-70s. And lo and behold, there were a bunch of stills from my favorite show as a kid, Space 1999. The caption says this is a “Sorella lamp by Studio Technico Harvey.”

Space 1999 designer lamp

Such a jolt of deja-vu. I haven’t seen an episode of this series in years. I may have to rent them soon, now. Especially now that I realize there’s so much cool design to look at … it did something for me as a kid (of 8 or 9) though, I’ll admit. But at the time it just felt *cool*…

But then again, anything looks cool with Zienia Merton standing in front of it. (I’ll confess, I think I had a tiny crush on her even when I was 9.)

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4 thoughts on “Space 1999 as design showcase”

  1. You just reminded me how I used to watch UFO, the british series that Gerry Anderson created before Space1999 (which indicate our age difference!). It turns out that il lasted only one season (1970-1971) which really surprises me because I remember it as a crucial episode in my childhood and what made me become a sci-fi fanatic.

    I totally loved. It might have been because I had a serious crush on Commander Ed Straker; my sister (at the time 5 years old) was totally in love with Colonel Paul Foster.

  2. Space:1999 is still my favorite sci fi show of all time. The whole series is on DVD and a bonus disc contains the short film Message From Moonbase Alpha that was shot in the real year 1999 and ends the series. It is a maserpiece of a show!!

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