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The splendiferous David Weinberger made it to my IA Summit talk and gave me a generous writeup… thanks Dave!!
Joho the Blog: [ia summit] Andrew Hinton: The future according to kids

(side note: this is actually pretty freaky for me, even as used to this technology as I am, that within an hour of it there’s a blog post and I’m blogging back… I may need a 12 step program)

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  1. That’s something I’ve been thinking, and believing, for some time now. If you watch a kid playing a game, any kid, and almost any game, you see clearly that he/she can find and use just about everything that’s on screen, and, mainly, what it is hidden in it. Games, lives, phases, points, lots of games use the “findability” quality as a winner feature. Find a key, a star, a friend, a passage, and you earn points, lives, fuel, etc. And that’s the coolness of the game, and the addiction of it: be the best at finding and earning – to be the best at winning! That’s why you have hacks and cheats and all that stuff. Take that and the fact that he/she must learn how to use the console/joystick in the shortest time possible (to win), and you have a human being capable of find and use pretty much anything.

    Ultimately, that helps bad IA information spaces. But… what kind of lesson is that, really?

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