More links related to "Clues to the Future"

I had a blast presenting Clues to the Future as an IA Institute redux session today via phone, and It was a little awkward, honestly, because I haven’t done a presentation that way before. But people were very accomodating.

And some of them had some very cool suggestions about some relevant articles and such, so I’m sharing a couple of them here.

Rules of Play – The MIT Press

Putting the Fun in Functional: applying game mechanics to functional software

Author: Andrew Hinton

I use information to architect better places for humans. More at

2 thoughts on “More links related to "Clues to the Future"”

  1. Thanks, Andrew! Great talk–the people in our office enjoyed it a lot.

    (It must’ve been strange talking without any audience feedback. We were laughing at a couple of points but, of course, our phones were muted.)

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