DIS2006 workshop on game design

Coworker & colleague Priyanka alerted me to this conference, which is relevant to my Summit presentation: DIS2006 | workshop | Designing Interactive Systems

The game industry is often involved in game-specific game design methodologies and academics are concerned with theoretical foundations. The goal of this workshop is to start a dialogue between the two communities and generate general themes and underlying theories. These theories will serve to aid game designers in constructing games, and help tool designers build tools that allow designers to focus on critical issues.

While my presentation was about conventional software design learning from game design and how upcoming users behave in game environments, this focuses in a different direction: getting the world of game design to leverage academic research & knowhow, and to get conversations going between the two communities.

Fascinating stuff… it’s just over in Pittsburgh; it’d be fun to go.

Author: Andrew Hinton

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