A still, small voice.

Ava Lowrey is a 15 year old girl in Alabama, which is not exactly a bastion of tolerance and independent thinking, so her website, “Peace Takes Courage,” is all the more remarkable for it.

Whether or not her expression of faith or politics is fully informed or “mature” is beside the point. She’s crafted what amounts to powerful commentary — a sort of quiet polemic — about the insanity of our current political leadership.

Her work illustrates the power of the Internet, as well. That she could express what she does and have it immediately available to the globe.

Evidently, this young lady has received death threats and expressions of vitriolic hate from people who call themselves “Christian.”

These bits of media are, indeed, hard to watch. But truth often is, no?


Author: Andrew Hinton

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One thought on “A still, small voice.”

  1. Wow.

    I actually cried at work. My views on the war are complex but there is one simple truth – pain is being felt on all sides. This kid has captured that well. And, as a person of faith, I believe that we need to be reminded of the deep religious truths that are being twisted in our current political scene. If the powers that be are going to speak with the voice of God they should be reminded what the thw Word of God actually says. Though I am not a Christian I believe that Christ’s Seromon on the Mount contains deep eternal truths that we need to be reminded of. The Broken Promises video made me cry and the WWJD (as much as I dslike that little accronym) made me shake my head one more time at the people who speak Christ’s name yet ignore what He actually said.

    What a powerful site.

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