We Live Here

The article I wrote for the August/September 2006 ASIS&T Bulletin is up. Thanks to Stacy Surla and the gang at the Bulletin for helping me get it into shape. I’m pleased to say it’s sharing space with a lot of really excellent writing.

It’s weird to read it now, in a way. It’s a snapshot of where my head was 2-3 months ago, and now I my thoughts about the topic have changed somewhat. Not drastically, but just natural drift (hopefully some evolution?). If I can get my wits about me I’ll write about it here.

Author: Andrew Hinton

I use information to architect better places for humans. More at andrewhinton.com.

One thought on “We Live Here”

  1. Hey A-, Great job on the article. Good to see that even if it was 2-3 months ago, that it has been captured in the ASIST repository of knowledge 😉 Looking forward to reconnecting soon. ML

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