Mitch Kapor on the 'disruptive' nature of hybrid worlds

Just ran across this quote from Mitch Kapor on —

Kapor gave great insights into Second Life’s early history, and a nice vision of what the future might hold. 3pointD took as many notes as we could, which we’ll present here essentially unalloyed. The upshot, however, was this: to Mitch, Second Life is a disruptive technology on the level of the personal computer or the Internet. “Everything we can imagine and things that we can’t imagine from the real world will have their in-world counterparts, and it’s a wonderful thing because there are many fewer constraints in Second Life than in real life, and it is, potentially at least, extraordinarily empowering.”

I like hearing stuff like this because it makes me feel a little less like I’m in la-la land with my own thoughts about this stuff.

Author: Andrew Hinton

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