"We Live Here" ripples in the blogosphere

So, I couldn’t help myself and googled my recent ASIS&T Bulletin Article, and I’m awfully gratified to see people reading it, in spite of its hideous length, and really thinking and talking about it. Makes me want to have a dinner party, give them some wine and gyoza, and sit back and listen to them discuss this stuff, because they obviously have a lot of great knowledge to add to the conversation.

My favorite line out of all of them comes from the blog pie and aphasia: “I always avoided online gaming communities for the same reasons I avoid tiramisu and heroin. I am afraid I would like them, and then where would I be?”

Another post at “Any World” blog, called ““A new metaphor?”, brings up some fascinating connections like this:

This interactive mingling of stuff and information is important, reminiscent of early man’s use of words to order the universe, giving things meaning beyond their simple existence and providing humans with an abstract perspective on the world.

Note: I need to look up the stuff mentioned in that post like Johan Huizinga and Chris Crawford.

And perhaps most flattering of all, this post lumps my writing in with the excellent games studies work by James Paul Gee. I think it’s just because my article was assigned at the same time to a class or something, but I’ll take the compliment anyway 🙂

Author: Andrew Hinton

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  1. Andrew – Don’t sell yourself short on this. Your presentation last year at the Summit and the article in the Bulletin demonstrate, most clearly, that you are indeed an authority on this subject. You rock.

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