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Using the wonderful tools available over at WetPaint, I have now set up the OmniShrine Wiki
For years I’ve had a post here about Omni Magazine, something I used to love to read when I was growing up. Over those years, many people have added comments on that post, explaining particular stories or art they had enjoyed, asking if people remembered or had available particular issues or excerpts, and even offering back-issues for sale. Since then I nicknamed it the Omni Magazine Shrine.
But nobody ever answers those comments because it’s not set up for discussion or sharing, just commenting. So I figured I’d make a community spot for people to share. Who knows, it could turn into something?
Do you have a personal remembrance about the magazine in general? A question? A topic to discuss? Maybe you have a favorite story, article or illustration you want to share with others or ask about? Go for it.

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One thought on “OmniShrine Wiki”

  1. Looking for the name of a French Illustrator who did Omni art but also a certain cover in October (maybe 85-86)
    The cover depicted a *frog girl* crouched on a lillypad, it was darkly stunning fantasy work.
    His name might have been Andre or Rene or his last name begin with an A.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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