Hirschorn on "The Web 2.0 Bubble"

Michael Hirschorn has some thoughtful and sobering comments on the “social computing” hype in the Atlantic Online: The Web 2.0 Bubble

The walled-garden attributes of MySpace and Facebook, like those of the subscriber-era AOL, can quickly become liabilities. And as the value of social-media tools becomes inevitably unsexy and commoditized, it may be only a matter of time before the Tila Tequilas of the world, inspiration for millions of page views, decide they might as well go elsewhere. And, just as in high school, where the cool kids go, the rest of us will follow.

Overall, in spite of his breezy/snarky delivery, I think he has a few great points — what we see now as a distinction between something like MySpace and the Web will likely blur, as personal blogs and such have more open architectures for all the same features MySpace provides and the features end up being common commodities.

He also mentions a few sites that I hadn’t heard of yet (I am *SO* out of the loop) for consolidating your online presences (which I blogged about here not long ago): wink.com, minggle.com and socialgrapes.com. Go figure.

Author: Andrew Hinton

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