In 2008 I had the distinct honor to present the closing plenary for the IA Summit in Miami, FL. Here’s the talk in its entirety. Unfortunately the podcast version was lost, so there’s no audio version, but 99% of what I had to say is in the notes.

NOTE: To make sense of this, you’ll need to read the notes in full-screen mode. (Or download the 6 MB PDF version.)

(Thanks to David Fiorito for compressing it down from its formerly gigantic size!)

Giving this talk at the IA Summit was humbling and a blast; I’m so grateful for the positive response, and the patience with these still-forming ideas.

If you’re after some resources on Communities of Practice and the like, see the post about the previous year’s presentation which has lots of meaty links and references.

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13 thoughts on “Linkosophy”

  1. Really, really good Andrew. Slides 98+ were most thought-provoking. The William Gibson quote hit home. I’ve been reading a lot lately about how younger generations (well, younger than me) blur the divide between digital and physical concept metaphors.

    Nice job, wish I was there to see it.

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