Moving South

A bit of personal news …

It looks like it’s official: I’ll be moving to Charlotte, NC sometime around December. I’ll still be working for Vanguard’s User Experience Group, but from that location.

Why? Well, for one thing, it’s an opportunity for the company to have more UXG presence at that site, an opportunity that has recently started to make more sense. But my main reason for requesting the move is that my daughter lives with her mom in Winston-Salem, NC, which is pretty close to there. Plus, my aging parents are just south of there in GA. One might wonder why I didn’t do this sooner, but there are practical reasons why I haven’t until now (happy to explain off-line if anyone’s interested). I’m glad I can get closer to family, while still continuing to work with Vanguard’s UX group, which is honestly the best job I’ve ever had.

I hate to leave the Philly area — it’s been my home nearly 5 years now. While I’ll be coming back up for work reasons now and then, it won’t be the same as living there. And while living here, I’ve grown some very close ties that I hope to keep tied even from a distance.

It’d be great if any Philly locals can work me into their schedules for a meetup of some kind, before I ship out.

If anyone has recommendations on moving companies, places to live, etc, I’m all ears! Hit me at inkblurt via gmail.

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13 thoughts on “Moving South”

  1. Congrats, Andrew. I know how much spending time with your daughter means to you. It’s great that you are able to work out something where you can spend more time with her and continue your career w/Vanguard.

    I’m sure we can put something together for you here in Philly before you ship out. And I’ll look forward to catching some great Carolina BBQ w/you next time I’m in your new neighborhood.

  2. very cool. family trumps all.

    speaking of which, my parents are gearing up to retire from NYC to NC, so maybe I’ll be in your neck of the woods from time to time.

  3. UXG – South! Is there posting for jobs on the intranet? Tell Tim I want to come back to Web S. and be apart of this phenomenon.

  4. congrats on the move – family trumps all. you are very lucky to be able to be able to be remote – gives you a bit of the best from both – keeping your role and staying with the co but also being able to do what you need to do for family. I envy you the carolina bbq – probably only one of a couple of things I miss from my days in north carolina. best of luck in your new adventure!

  5. Hey Andrew,

    I am really glad you are moving back to North Carolina. Life has been boring ever since you left five years ago. Email me because we have some catching up to do.

    Best Regards


  6. Really happy for you, Andrew. Your daughter will always know that you put her first, and that will stay with her for the rest of her life. Hope the transition is easy breezy. See you next week!

  7. I’m happy for you Andrew. Sorry we won’t have you here in Malvern but so happy you’ll still be part of us.

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