Beyond Findability Seminar at IA Summit 2009

In case you were wondering which of the fabulous IA Summit 2009 pre-conference seminars to spend your hard-earned (or hard-begged) money on, look no further than “Beyond Findability: Reframing IA Practice & Strategy for Turbulent Times

It’s being presented by the IA Institute, and includes some very smart, experienced people in the UX/IA world: Livia Labate, Joe Lamantia and Matthew Milan. In addition, it includes little old me.

Hit that link to learn more about the workshop. I’m excited about it — we’ll be digging into some meaty subjects, and stretching our brains about IA. Yet we’ll manage to have lots of practical take-aways and fascinating conversations too.

Author: Andrew Hinton

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3 thoughts on “Beyond Findability Seminar at IA Summit 2009”

  1. zamn! if i wasn’t teaching my own workshop the same day i would so want to be there for this. this is like an all-star revue!

  2. I’ve read the description and I’m still none the wiser as to what I’ll walk away with should I attend. It all seems a bit high-level.

  3. LSF: forgive my late response — but I understand that it does sound high-level. Perhaps we could’ve improved the description. But it’s true that the workshop won’t be much of a “how-to” tutorial style session. It will be much heavier on pushing to discover some newer, better ways of understanding IA practice and UX strategy generally. There will be some practical take-aways — things people can hang on a cube wall or use in their own presentations — but a lot of higher-level discussion & challenges.

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