My next move is a TUG.

I’m very happy to announce I’m joining The Understanding Group as an Information Architect.

I’m a big believer in TUG’s mission: using information architecture to make things “be good.”

Since I’ve been blathering on and on about the importance of IA for over a decade now, I figured I might as well put my career where my mouth is and join up with this exciting new firm that has IA as its organizing principle. It doesn’t hurt that the people are pretty awesome too.

For the time being I’ll still be living in Atlanta, but traveling on occasion to Michigan, NYC and wherever else necessary to collaborate with clients and team members.

But unfortunately, going on to something new means having to leave behind something else.

I want to say that I’ll miss working with the great people at Macquarium. The two years I’ve spent with “MQ” have been among the best of my career, in terms of the practitioners I’ve gotten to know, the clients I’ve been able to partner with, and the fascinating, challenging work I’ve gotten to do.

Macquarium is doing some of the most cutting-edge work I’ve heard of in the cross-channel, service-design and organizational design spaces. I’m very fortunate to have had the chance to be part of their team.



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