Our Future with Humans & Machines: My Talk for CanUX 2018

I had a great time giving this talk at the amazing CanUX conference (where I also got to teach a rebooted version of  my Understanding Context workshop).

A few key points from the talk:

  • Humans and their environment are part of one system together. When we think of them as separate, we make big mistakes.
  • We’ve been gradually defining downward what “human centered” means, to the point where we aren’t really considering the whole reality of users most of the time. We need to break through that barrier and get radical about human-centeredness.
  • AI is part of our environment, and we need ways to understand what these autonomous agents do, what they perceive, and clear up the ambiguity about cause and effect.
  • We need to make ourselves a nuisance in our workplaces to get in on or spark conversations about human-centered responsibilities for these technologies.
  • And it should be for all humans. If it’s good for only some of us, it’s not truly good for any of us.

The link to the Speakerdeck version is the image below, but you can also download the PDF with all the speaker notes but smaller slides.

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Author: Andrew Hinton

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