New Blog …ish

Hey y’all. I finally got around to moving content from my aging “inkblurt” blog to my eponymous website here. I don’t have the wherewithal to keep up with maintenance on multiple privately hosted WordPress installations, so I consolidated both sites to Software as a Service is just much easier.

Please don’t judge the finer points of this site’s design. I’ve never had much expertise on the front-end-design-and-code side of the UX spectrum. I’ll keep tweaking until it’s at least presentable.

I’m leaving the old “inkblurt” site up and running, mainly because I have no idea when I’ll get around to figuring out redirects & media storage.

Blogs are in a weird place these days. Their ecosystem was essentially blown up once Google ended its Reader service (which had unfortunately become the sole way to keep up with blogs very well, with the erosion of RSS usage). Medium has become the blog-osphere of choice for many; and I suppose I will end up connecting to that from here at some point.

Anyways …. onward.

Truly, Information Architecture for World IA Day 2017

I was honored to be asked to keynote the Atlanta instance of 2017’s World Information Architecture Day. Given the extraordinary things going on in the world since 2016 — especially the ongoing assault on civic information and shared truth — I decided to talk about how the IA dictum for “making the complex clear” is more important than ever.

Video embedded below, and Speakerdeck embed/link below that.

(Below is the deck — note that Speakerdeck, WordPress, and the “new” Apple Keynote’s poor export feature aren’t getting along as of this post, so please visit the deck directly for a better view.)


Summer 2015 Update — Talks, Posts, and other things.

I’ve been pretty busy since my last blog post in December, since Understanding Context launched. Some really great work with clients, lots of travel, and a number of appearances at events have kept me happily occupied. Some highlights:

Talks and Things

O’Reilly: Webcast for Understanding Context, presented on June 10. Luckily, with a quick registration, you can sign up to watch the whole thing for free!

IA Summit:, where I co-facilitated a workshop on Practical Conceptual Modeling with my TUG colleagues Kaarin Hoff and Joe Elmendorf. (See the excellent post Kaarin created at TUG. summarizing choice bits of the workshop).

SXSW Workshop: I taught an invited workshop at SXSW with my colleague Dan Klyn, on “Information Architecture Essentials” — which was wildly successful and well-reviewed. We’re happy to say we’ll be teaching versions of this workshop again this year, at IA Summit Italy, and WebVisions Chicago!

UX Lisbon: where I taught a workshop on analyzing and modeling context for user experiences (which I also taught in abbreviated form at IA Summit, and which I’ll be reprising at UX Week later this summer).

UX Podcast: While in Lisbon, I had the pleasure of doing a joint podcast interview jointly with Abby Covert, hosted by the nice folks at UX Podcast.

Upcoming Appearances

As mentioned above, there are some upcoming happenings — I encourage you to sign up for any that aren’t already sold out!