Truly, Information Architecture for World IA Day 2017

I was honored to be asked to keynote the Atlanta instance of 2017’s World Information Architecture Day. Given the extraordinary things going on in the world since 2016 — especially the ongoing assault on civic information and shared truth — I decided to talk about how the IA dictum for “making the complex clear” is more important than ever.

Video embedded below, and Speakerdeck embed/link below that.

(Below is the deck — note that Speakerdeck, WordPress, and the “new” Apple Keynote’s poor export feature aren’t getting along as of this post, so please visit the deck directly for a better view.)


The "E" in E-commerce; also my "Happiness Machines" talk

I’ve been doing some writing over at the blog for The Understanding Group.

  • Last month, I posted on e-commerce, and how it’s really just commerce now, but there are still many legacy impediments for retailers.
  • And this week, I wrote a bit about the talk I gave at WebVisions Portland in May (with an interview video, and my slides) on “Happiness Machines.”