IAC19 Workshop Stuff

Hello beautiful workshop attendees!

For after the workshop

Your Lunchtime Assignment

  • When you’re getting lunch, document:
      • how do you interact with your environment, and it with you?
      • where are you relying on physical information about what your body can do with objects?
      • where are you relying on semantic information?
      • Does semantic information affect how you interpret physical information?
  • Capture lots of pictures, notes, sketches, whatever … we will be using this information to build on during the afternoon!

Physical Information Elements: Quick Reference

  • Substances: the physical properties anything a creature can perceive — what does the substance allow a body to do with it (visual, touch, etc.)
  • Surfaces: the exterior, perceivable area of environmental substances/objects.
  • Objects: made of substances, possessing surfaces, these are the “things” of the environment — either “attached” to another surface, or “detached”.
  • Layout: the arrangement of objects & surfaces from the point of view of the perceiver.
  • Nested Structure: how does the specific layout of the above fit within the broader layout of the room, the building, etc.?
  • Place: Based only on physical information, how is where we are a “place”?