Thanks for the mammary

Check out the amazing list of repercussions from Janet’s faux pax: – The Jackson stunt: What now? – Feb. 6, 2004

The thing is, people seem to be so focused on the breast itself. But it was the context that created the flap. (No pun intended. Really.) I mean, if the boob hadn’t prairie-dogged, was the context of the song, the lascivious nature of the dancing and the fetishy clothing enough to cause this outrage?

I guess what I’m getting at is this: was it really so awful? I think the thing that offends me about it isn’t the breast itself, it was the cynical, callow use of it in this context. And the foolishness of promoters and planners and NFL execs who think that cheerleaders flashing their inner thighs and come-hither looks, or the bombardment of sexual imagery in the commercials during games, or the chest-painted fans are any more “family-friendly and all-American” than Janet’s borg-like nipple.

And why is it that everybody is up in arms over this (something that happend after *my* kid was in bed and asleep, mind you), when all through the day Sunday you could’ve seen hundreds of people shot, murdered, raped or abused on hundreds of other TV broadcast movies and shows?

Boob tube indeed.

Spam Killed the Comment Star

[EDITED TO ADD: Now that I’ve upgraded to the new Moveable Type engine, I’m trying comments again. You may have to register to comment, but it’s worth a shot. 10/31/04]

Movable Type-based blogs like mine, over the last few months, have been plagued by spam bots (or people with too much time on their hands) posting spam comments in the comment areas of blog entries. These spam comments are just nonsense with URL’s attached to things about penis enhancement and homeowner loans. I’m sick of them, and there’s no easy way to weed them out of the blog once they’ve been posted, so I’m going to just turn comments OFF in my blog until MT has a new release that makes it easier to manage the commenting feature.

Just so y’all know.

But, really, this is just another example of how stupid people kill the goose. Eventually everybody will have to restrict access to what was an excellent way for people to discuss and commune with one another. Some people, frankly, do not deserve the Internet.

Dr. Izz

Eddie Izzard is the New Dr. Who???

I’m not sure how I feel about this. My nerd-geek side rejoices. My sophisticated high-culture “Izzard is the best comedian for overeducated smartasses like me” side is kind of squicked at the idea … like he’s slumming.

Hopefully the show will have better production values (and writing…and actors…etc.) than the previous incarnations.