Lean years.

I want to say more about Stewart Brand’s keynote at the IA Summit in Portland, but for now here’s a bit of his wisdom, a 2-minute talk he gave on the Lean Years, at the 2002 Webby Awards. For those of you who don’t have 2 minutes, here’s the last bit: “Lean years are not just punctuation between periods of fat years. They are the discipline years when civilization consolidates its gains and invents its way out of trouble. In the long now, THESE are the good years. Don’t waste them.”

My glooger theory proven right…

In their recent story–Wired News: Why Did Google Want Blogger?–the folks at Wired hit the nail right on the head… As I am so fond of saying, blogs are the organic meta-datafarms of the future. And Google’s relevance (hence their accuracy and their market value) is derived from links created by people within some context…and weblogs are an especially rich source of this nutrient.
This article explains some of the rationale, especially the significance of RSS feeds and the ‘semantic web’ 🙂
So, anyway, this is yet another move that shows how brilliantly self-organizing the Internet really is. It’s almost like these companies didn’t even have a choice…this was their destiny!

The real killer app is people

I’ve been thinking a lot about a recent article in Wired magazine (Wired 10.08: The Bandwidth Capital of the World) about Korea. It brings to light some really important stuff about the Internet that we, in the anal, individualistic, capitalized West tend to ignore. Perhaps to our detriment.
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