You don't want to miss IDEA Conference 2008!

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IDEA 2008 is shaping up to be quite a conference, in spite of my involvement. In terms of speakers, it’s looking great: David Armano writes the influential Logic + Emotion blog — one of the few voices online that understands the complexity of merging Marketing & Advertising with User Experience Design; Bill DeRouchey is one of the smartest people writing and thinking about the future of Interaction Design; visual-thinking sensei Dave Gray is the founder of XPLANE, a company whose blog I started reading religiously back in 1999, when my career as a Web Design person was really taking off; and Jason Fried, author of the provocative design manifesto Getting Real.

That’s just scratching the surface. They’re going to have in-the-trenches expert speakers from places like Maya, IDEO, The New York Times, 37 Signals, and more. In addition, I hear Jesse James Garrett will be doing an in-person presentation of Aurora.

It’s happening October 7-8, 2008; early registration is still in effect for another week or so, until August 17!

IDEA 2008

idea08 badge

I’d like to encourage everyone to attend IDEA 2008, a conference (organized by the IA Institute) that’s been getting rave reviews from attendees since it started in 2006. It’s described as “A conference on designing complex information spaces of all kinds” — and it’s happening in grand old Chicago, October 7-8, 2008.

Speakers on the roster include people from game design, interaction design and new-generation advertising/marketing, and the list is growing, including (for some reason) my own self. I think I’m going to be talking about how context works in digital spaces … but I have until October, so who knows what it’ll turn into?

IDEA is less about the speakers, though, than the topics they spark, and the intimate setting of a few hundred folks all seeing the same presentations and having plenty of excuses to converse, dialog and generally brou some haha.