Cool little icon widget for X

I actually use icons not just for making things pretty (though that’s nice) but for helping me visually get to folders I use a lot… they help me organize things on my computer, and I have a *lot* of things on my computer. So this little dealie is nice to have around… it lets me copy, paste, clear, and even view up-close, any and all icons used on my Mac with a quick right-click: FinderIconCM 1.1 – MacUpdate

Decent video playback for X

Apparently the French are good for something besides cheese and toast. Some Gallic dudez have made this nifty VLC media player that plays a ton of the formats we normally can’t on our otherwise superior OS. (And, they’re generous enough to make versions for pretty much every other OS under the sun.)
(The French comment is a joke meant in their favor, btw… sarcasm… oh, wait, sarcasm….another thing French are good at.)