Talks & Writings

Things I’ve said; things I’ve typed…

A legacy list of talk/writing ephemera…

An older list of links to  various writings online. Some may take you to my older, archived blog, “Inkblurt.”


Creative Writing

I’ve written and published creative pieces in various publications, most of them offline literary journals. I put some on their own post: A Few Poems.

A couple of others have ended up on the Web
The Harrow: Four Pauses
Stirring: Life Insurance.

Miscellaneous Flotsam

  • That wacky Manifesto of 25 Theses (also on my site here)
  • Leadership Seminar for the IAI in 2003
  • I am a tool: my message at the panel I was in at the 2003 IA Summit

Older Presentations 

For the time being, I’m keeping this older list here. Some of these may take you to my old blog/domain at Inkblurt.

Users Don’t Have Goals
February 2012 – Interaction12, Dublin, Ireland

The Context Problem – Updated, Short Version
November 2011 & January 2012 – WebVisions, Atlanta & NYC

A Few Thoughts on Architecture & IA Practice
March 2011 – IA Summit, Denver, CO

This is Your Brain on Design
April 2010 – IA Summit, Phoenix, AZ

The Function of Context for IA: IAI “Beyond Findability” Workshop
March, 2009 – IA Summit, Memphis TN

You Are (Mostly) Here: Digital Space & the Context Problem
March, 2009 – IA Summit, Memphis TN
October, 2008 – IDEA Conference (previous version)

Linkosophy: Explaining Information Architecture
April, 2008 – IA Summit, Miami FL (Closing Keynote)

UX Design as Communities of Practice
August, 2007 UX Week, Washington, DC PDF (3 MB)

Architectures for Conversation II
April, 2007 Philly CHI

The Rise of Letting Go: How the Net Generation can teach us to lose control and like it
April, 2007 DigitalNow, Orlando FL

Architectures for Conversation: What Communities of Practice Can Mean for IA
March, 2007 Information Architecture Summit, Las Vegas

Clues to the Future: What the Users of Tomorrow are Teaching Us Today
March, 2006 Information Architecture Summit, Vancouver — PDF (13MB)